The Scope of services undertaken by MESC is to assist as sub consultant Messrs ECO Consult – Main Consultant in formulating) a due diligence statement for this project.

The Project site is located in Aqaba Governorate around 20km from the city of Aqaba to the south. More specifically, the project site is located within the existing Southern Industrial Zone (SIZ) or as referred to the ‘South Port of Aqaba’. The Project location lies approximately 1.5km to the south of the exiting Oil Jetty and approximately 1km south of the existing Timber Jetty. Figure 1 below presents the location of the Industrial Terminal.

The Rehabilitation and Extension of the Industrial Terminal will involve the following activities:

  • Rehabilitation Activities: this includes rehabilitation of the export conveying lines, the Industrial Jetty transfer tower and conveyor galleries, the sulphur import conveying line, all liquid product pipelines, fuel oil loading arms, phosphoric acid pumps, the civil construction of the existing Industrial Jetty and demolition works; and
  • Extension Activities: extension includes a new export jetty with two ship loaders, new conveying lines with conveyor gallery, new sulphur ship unloader, new loading arms for PA and ammonia handling and a new PA pipeline.


The above activities will be undertaken on the land and marine environment with a total area of 325,000 m2 (185,000 m2 and 140,000 m2 respectively) as presented in Figure 2 below.

  • Land Area: activities to be undertaken at the land area include the rehabilitation of existing buildings and related facilities, construction of new buildings and related facilities, and erection and rehabilitation of handling equipment and bulk products. This area covers around 185,000m2; and
  • Marine Area: activities to be undertaken in the marine area include the rehabilitation of the existing jetty, construction of a new jetty, and erection and rehabilitation of loading/unloading equipment for bulk liquid products. This area covers around 140,000m2.



As part of the Environmental Baseline Assessment an environmental due diligence is required for the land area of the Project site (refer to figure 2 above). The objective of this due diligence is to characterize the current status of the Project site and document any sources of pollution or contamination in order to identify any existing environmental liabilities at the Project site.

The site assessment must cover all the land area of the Project site where the Industrial Jetty operations take place and which is estimated at around 185,000 m2.


The environmental due diligence must include the following:

  1. The current existing conditions within the Project site must be examined through a site visit of the Project area. The entire Project site must be walked and investigated through visual inspections/observations to characterize the current status of the Project site and document any source of pollution or contamination with photographs as appropriate (if any);
  2. Define any areas of pollution or contamination (if any) with appropriate description and photograph as appropriate;
  3. Based on expert’s opinion, define the nature of such pollution or contamination incidents and the cause (to the greatest extent possible);
  4. Assign the spatial distribution of such pollution or contamination incidents to the greatest extent possible;
  5. Based on expert opinion advice should be provided on whether any soil samples are required to investigate any contamination or pollution incidents which might be recorded and what parameters need to be tested. If soil sampling is required, soil sample must be collected onsite in accordance with international best practice methodologies for sample collection. Identify further actions required to remediate such polluted or contaminated areas; and
  6. A report was prepared which details the outcomes of the above.