Narrative Description of Project:
As per the RFP and consultancy agreement with UNDP , this assignment / project involves the following:
1) the consultant is expected to provide design review and supervision consultancy services needed for the professional
performance of the following activities and related deliverables: 1) Reviewing and finalizing all available landfill cell
engineering designs, drawings, considerations, specifications, BOQs etc.… associated with the above mentioned
elements, as deemed relevant to UNDP’s priorities and requirements, as well as, producing the final design files and
related documents required for the execution of the construction works and implementation of the other project
activities. The consultant thereafter assume sole responsibility for the adequacy, competence, and technical soundness
of the design and technical specifications.
2) Providing technical bidding support and tender assistance required for selecting the most qualified contractor based
on an appropriate technical and financial qualification criteria.
3) Providing professional construction supervision services related to the landfill cell infrastructure development at Al
Akaider landfill site in terms of time, cost, and quality.
The available landfill cell features include the following ;
- The topography of the site is characterized as hilly to semi-flat with a gradient of approximately 2% from East to West,
with an average elevation of about 650 m above sea level.
- The total airspace allocated for the project is nearly 58,000 m2 , where the size of the cell geometry formation is
50,000 m2 .
- Average entire daily MSW deposited in the landfill is 1,300 t/day (equivalent to some 474,500 t/year) for the year
- The compaction that can be applied to waste in cell using heavy-duty compactors.
- The available technical specification and concepts complied with EPA Standards and norms.
- A general excavation/backfill embankments with grading, compaction, and subgrade treatment to reach the required
levels of one perimeter trapezoidal berm (approximately 200,000 m3 of excavation and backfill works).
- Controlled subgrade: 15 cm of Liner cushion layer with an average slope of 1%.
- Base liner system includes the following Geo-synthetic materials: GCL, HDPE, and geotextile and top protective
gravel layers.
- Geo-synthetic materials anchorage.
- Leachate collection system including network of HDPE piping and PVC trunks.
- Leachate collection sump, Side slope riser, and separated bottom lined leachate collection lagoon.

- Leachate pumping system with mechanical and electrical control systems.
- Perimeter storm water channel (erosion mat lined / riprap) and culverts.
- Electromechanical works (pumping control system and transformer.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
The assignment scope of services is comprised of geo environmental stability analyses design review effort of proposed
slopes and bottom liner systems of El Ekaider landfill Emergency cell 1. Engineering Review conducted followed
generally accepted geotechnical and solid waste engineering practices using both available soils report, geosynthetics
design principles, relevant literature, and past experience Of the local soils for the purpose of checking the stability
safety factors or design ratios of the proposed emergency cell design and construction at El-Akadier landfill conducted
by Messrs Aecom in association with Engicon dated November , 2015 as part of Water Reuse and Environmental
conservation project for USAID.
The services provided during this assignment were to make the necessary review to the landfill design's calculations and
to examine whether the proposed project can be constructed and operated properly or not. The geotechnical analysis for
the project were examined to ascertain
1. if they are correct, 
2. if the results show that the construction and operation of the landfill can be implemented according to this
3. if the calculations are enough or we need more of them (expert must mention the missing calculations and
implement them) 
4. if some measures or extra works are necessary for the safe construction and operation of the landfill (It is
important to pay attention to the leachate lagoons around the landfill which will somehow "press" the new
landfill slopes and can possibly create problems during construction and operation of the landfill. These lagoons
will also be affected by the landfill construction and their stability must be examined)
Additionally, we reviewed and determined if sufficient engineering analysis is conducted relevant to the following:
a. stability of the landfill's slopes in different loading combinations (earthquake, water pressure etc)
b. stability of backfilled areas
c. stability of waste volume as it will be developed in different loading combinations
d. settlements calculation to the landfill basin due to the weight of waste volume 
e. waste volume's settlement calculations
f. adequacy/sufficiency of selected landfill lining system (in terms of permeability)
g. stability of landfill's lining system in different loading combinations (including sliding between layers)
1. dimensions of geo-synthetics anchor trench
Additionally, we conducted additional calculations based on our experience that are deemed necessary. These
calculations must exist in a landfill design and their results must show that it is feasible and safe to construct and operate
the landfill according to the design (with a reliable Safety Factor).
Furthermore, site visits were conducted to monitor on going excavation, access, entry, HSE for project and bidding /
supervision support was provided by :
1. Reviewing and modifying civil engineering specifications (i.e earthwork.. etc)
2. Reviewing and modifying lining specifications (i.e HDPE.GCL,..etc)
3. Reviewing and modifying engineering drawings and details
4. Reviewing and modifying project bid documents including BOQ.
5. Assist in project submittals review
Irbid Governate , Jordan
Name of Client:
Dar AL Omran / UNDP