The Scope of work included design , construction , supervision & commissioning of a 7,000 m³ evaporation pond for Rabigh Electric Company to receive process wash water with PH 2 to 10 including a return pump line.

Design Services. - AutoCAD Drawing for the Evaporation Pond.

  1. General Layout Ramp Details Cross Section.
  2. General Leachate management layout.
  3. Embankment Details.
  4. Geosynthetic Layers Details.
  5. Excavation works. Points Site
  6. Material Specification.

A general Excavation / Embankments with grading, compaction and sub grade treatment to reach the required levels; this will include also access ramps construction toward the cell.

Geosynthetic materials supply and installation supervision.

  1. Supply and installation of GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner).
  2. Supply and installation of HDPE 2mm waterproof Geomembrane on the supported GCL.
  3. Geosynthetic materials anchorage.

Construction supervision of transfer system (Piping/DN 300mm/Earthworks) from the Power Plant (Only 10m Length of HDPE Pipe outside the Pond).

The project was designed in May 2014, Constructed and commissioned November 2014.