Narrative Description of Project:
The proposed construction waste landfill dimensions are:
- Class III landfill facility Dimension approx. 24,000 sqm
- Cell Dimension 150 X 125 m
The development involves a 24000 m2 facility out of which 18750 m2is landfill pit to be excavated and prepared with
a construction waste segregation area to accommodate recyclable waste such as tires, batteries, appliances, metal,
plastic, concrete and lumber.
An access ramp 10 m wide in and out at 7 percent maximum will lead to cell area.
There will be also a paved road, with an open paved yard for heavy equipment storage and as quarantine area for
unacceptable loads.
There will be underground septic tanks, manholes and piping for sewage and leachate collection.
There will be a soak away pit about 30 m long and 1 m wide allocated near the accommodation building for grey water
intake only .
The landfill scheduled operations is for26 months extendable to 40 months.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
The scope of work included The design, Permitting, construction Supervision, recycling program, waste minimization
and capacity building /training o f project team of Class IIi landfill for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project located at
Jazan Economic city (JEC) for Saudi Aramco.
The design methodology and guidance in PME National Environmental standard KSA-001 "landfill - Design and
operations" in addition to Aramco standard SAES-S-007 "Solid waste landfill requirements" was adopted. The landfill
will use the following associated facilities:
- Accommodation facility.
- Sorting / baling facility for construction waste recyclables diverted from landfill
- Unacceptable waste holding/Storage area.
- Maintenance area.
- Offices and Cafeteria.
- Vehicle wheel wash area.
- Fence and gate.
- Access roads.
- The scope of work includes deliverables such as design plans and specifications, operations manual, closure
plan, recycling program and EIA study, and two day focused training on design, construction and operation of
a construction waste landfill facility delivered to Environmental project team including Hitachi , Aramco and
twelve EPC contractor’s reps for Jazan Economic city Infrastructure project.
- Solid waste management
- Advisory role in project implementation and budget support
Jazan Saudi Arabia
Name of Client:
SEPCO/Hitachi Ltd