Narrative Description of Project:
The project is mainly comprised of the landfill gas system (LFG) for cells 1 & 3 at Ghabawi landfill,
associated leachate management, generators and connection to the grid (the “Project”). EBRD’s due
diligence identified a number of critical areas where GAM requires substantial change, management
support and better supervision, and these include establishing overall single management authority over
the solid waste management operations at the landfill and environmental, health and safety and social
(EHSS) management and monitoring. In 2015, a comprehensive ESAP has been prepared for GAM and
agreed for implementation during the project. In 2016, EBRD signed its second project with GAM to re-
finance GAM’s existing debt to release funds for a further comprehensive solid waste crisis response
programme. The ESAP was further revised and updated in 2017. GAM has commissioned ECO Consult /
MESC as the E&S Implementation Support and Supervision Consultant to: (i) assist the GAM Team in
hands-on advisory and supervision of EHSS matters during implementation stage, and ESAP
implementation for which the GAM will be the main project implementation partner; and (ii) participate in
raising GAM’s implementation capacity.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
According to the Terms of Reference (ToR), the Consultant shall implement the following activities:
- Supervise the design, and all environmental, health and safety and social aspects for the construction of LFG
systems for cells 1&3,
- Provide hands-on EHSS advice, management and support to GAM during project implementation, including
implementation of the ESAP, environmental monitoring, SEP and preparation of Annual Environmental and
Social Reports (AESR) to the Bank;
- Coordinate EHSS-related work with other parties involved, including but not limited to the technical Design-
Build engineer/consultant, Corporate Development consultant, and Livelihood Resettlement Plan (LRP)
preparation consultant. The work of the Consultant refers to the whole Project in addition to generators and
connection to the grid, overall worker health and safety, and waste pickers working at the Ghabawi landfill, on
the basis that there is no physical separation between their activities and those associated with the Project.
Waste Pickers presence on the Ghabawi Landfill: In October 2015, the EBRD assigned the Livelihood
Restoration Plan (LRP) Consultant to support GAM in preparing the LRP that was envisaged as a result of the
identified impacts of new developments at Ghabawi landfill on the waste pickers that existed onsite during the
2015 ESDD. After award, the LRP Consultant worked with GAM as they offered their full support in conducting
a census, which aimed at registering the waste pickers at the landfill. The census started in December 2015 and
around 50 persons have been registered in the first month. In March 2016, security measures have been
increased at the landfill and as a consequence, waste picking was no longer possible on the Ghabawi Landfill.
Since then, waste pickers are not present on the landfill and the LRP Consultant’s scope was concluded in June
2017. It is understood that the Consultant shall monitor the situation and report to the Bank on any changes
with waste pickers presence on site and assist GAM in undertaking further actions should they come back to
the site. As per the ToR, the Consultant shall support GAM with the following tasks:
- Advisory support and supervision of implementation of the ESAP - during construction and operation - that
has been prepared and agreed with GAM for the loan;
- Advisory support and supervision of implementation of GAM’s environmental permitting conditions and
monitoring commitments;
- Advisory support on inclusion of the EHSS requirements in tender documents;
work (LRF) & LRP;
Support in update and implementation of the SEP; and
- Support GAM in preparation of AESRs to the Bank as required by the Loan Agreement, using the EBRD AESR
-Solid waste management
-Infrastructure investment implementation
-Capacity building for GAM Staff
Amman –Jordan
Name of Client:​
GAM & EBRD / Eco Consult