The scope of work included  The design, Permitting, construction Supervision of Class II  landfill for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project located at Jazan Economic city (JEC) for Saudi Aramco.

The design methodology and guidance in PME National Environmental standard KSA-001 "landfill - Design and operations" in addition to Aramco standard SAES-S-007 "Solid waste landfill requirements" will be adopted. In addition, the U.S EPA manual"Design, operation and closure of Municipal solid waste landfills", Sept 1994 will be adapted to compliment the above mentioned standards and for additional guidance

The proposed landfill dimensions are:

  • Class II landfill facility Dimension approx. 556 X 332 m
  • Cell Dimension 500 X 200 m


Proposed landfill development layout in 3D is illustrated herein. The landfill will have the following associated facilities:

  • Accommodation baling facility.
  • Sorting / baling facility.
  • Unacceptable waste holding/Storage area.
  • Maintenance area.
  • Leachate collection pond.
  • Offices and Cafeteria.
  • Weigh bridge.
  • Vehicle wheel wash area.
  • Fence and gate.
  • Access roads.

The development involves a 184,600 m2 facility out of which 100,000 m2is landfill pit to be excavated and lined in two phases, 50,000 m2 each. Slopes will be 3 to 1 h:v in cut and 4:1 h:v in fill, excavation depth approx. 3 m below existing surface (around elevation 80) with 2 m wide perimeter berm  in fill 1 m high for surface water management, and liner anchorage. 

An access ramp in and out at 7 percent maximum will lead to each phase. A leachate collection pond about 7 meters deep at 3:1 will also be next to landfill cells. Cut for both phases is approx. 320,000 m3, fill is approx. 37,000 m3, excess materials will be stock piled nearby for use during landfill operations. 

Other facilities involve a metal deck weigh scale at entrance gate that is 18 m by 3 m   with scale house of pre-engineered metal building 3.2 m by 3.1 m on slab on grade.

Admin offices 7.5 m by 22.5m on slab on grade  pre-engineered metal building .Sorting facility hanger, on slab on grade that is 22 m by 80 m. Accommodation building composed of pre-engineered metal building 74.44 m by 11.36 m on slab on grade. Maintenance workshop composed of pre-engineered metal building 26.5m by 12.7m on slab on grade. Miscellaneous water tanks, diesel tank and generator pad on slabs on grade.

There will be also a paved road, with an open paved yard for heavy equipment storage and as quarantine area for unacceptable loads.

There will be underground septic tanks, manholes and piping for sewage and leachate collection.

There will be a soak away pit about 30 m long and 1 m wide allocated near the accommodation building for grey water intake only .

Currently, the landfill started operations with cell 1 complete, Cell 2 is expected to be operational January 2016.