Narrative Description of Project:
The project is an old fly Ash Landfill located south of Shouba , KSA near Shouba power plant
consisting of 7 Cell 200m by 42m by 6m dimension each. These cells require closure.
As part of PME approved EIA a closure plan is to be developed by SEC to close all 7 cells
according to PME regulatory requirements for landfill closure. Fly ash is the product of electric
company furnace burning of heavy oil fuel to generate electricity.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
- Design services in the form of drawings and specifications to PME standards including.
- Cap design section and details.
- Drawing design details.
- Liner design and anchorage detail.
- Access road design and detail.
- Associated calculations.
- Technical specifications.
- AutoCAD drawings.
- BOQ and tender document preparation.
- Solid waste management
- Environmental and social safeguards Instruments
Jeddah , KSA
Name of Client:​
SEPCO /Saudi Electric Co.